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We would like to offer you the opportunity to join the EqualizeRCM Services (ERCM) Buying Group. Controlling costs has never been as important as it is in today’s environment. It is difficult to leverage buying power against large manufactures without pooling our resources. Therefore, we invite you to join the ERCM Buying Group.

What is the ERCM Buying Group?

It is an alliance of Physicians that was formed to lower expenses through volume buying. ERCM currently has a contract with Sanofi Pasteur. The contracts fix vaccine prices at a much lower rate than any physician could obtain individually. Every physician that joins the ERCM Buying Group increases the negotiating power when we renew the contract.

What are the Benefits?

The equation is simple:

The more products that we purchase, the better discount that we receive. In addition, ERCM may receive an administrative fee for any of the contracts.

What are the Terms and Conditions and How do I Join?

New participants are encouraged to use as many different products as possible; remember the equation:

You are not expected to order more volume than you need; however, if the ERCM price is equal to or lower than your current price, we encourage you to use the ERCM recommended products. In addition, new participants must be willing to review future ERCM opportunities such as discounts for medical supplies, equipment, and services. Membership in ERCM is exclusive; therefore, physicians and staff are asked to maintain the confidentiality of the ERCM negotiated prices.

To join ERCM Buying Group, fill out this form to DOWNLOAD the Membership Request Form and fax it to Matt Thompson at (512) 454-5252. Members may terminate their status at any time.

Alternatively, after downloading and filling up the form, you can email the scanned copy of the filled Membership Request Form to Matt Thompson at


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