CAH CFO-Administrator Forum: Reversing the Great Outmigration and Increasing RHC Reimbursement

On May 19, 2022, EqualizeRCM sponsored a forum for CFOs and CEOs of Critical Access Hospitals, where Michael Hill, MD, President & CEO with Rural Health Solutions presented, “Reversing the Great Outmigration and Increasing RHC Reimbursement.”

On May 19, Michael Hill, MD, President & CEO at Rural Health Solutions, provided virtual education on how to use Care Coordination strategies to reduce outmigration, and increase financial sustainability. Dr. Hill reviewed how CAHs can significantly increase RHC volumes and reimbursement, the intricacies of Chronic Care Management, Principle Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, Remote Therapeutic Monitoring, Transitional Care Management, and Behavioral Health Integration. The quality, service, and financial benefits to Critical Access Hospitals was stunning. The 90-minute Forum also featured a roundtable discussion by many CEO/CFO participants. The group discussion was facilitated by Forum Moderator Chris Ekrem, FACHE, VP Hospital Financial Operations at EqualizeRCM.

EqualizeRCM is pleased to sponsor another relevant educational session with expert speakers for small hospital administrators and CFOs. The 5/19 Forum focused on the following:

  1. Primary care outmigration must be a high priority for strategic plans.
  2. You need to understand your primary and secondary service areas before analyzing outmigration.
  3. Develop a tracking mechanism to ensure that all outbound CAH transfers come back for the Swing Bed program, home health, therapy, etc.
  4. Annual wellness visits are a key driver for success in Care Coordination.
  5. You can increase patient engagement, satisfaction, quality outcomes, and financial success by starting a Care Coordination program. However, it must be coordinated in all aspects to maximize the total benefit to the hospital.
  6. CAHs can add additional service lines with modest investments in technology.
  7. Care Coordination is one of the best ways to grow outpatient volumes, and increase financial performance for rural hospitals today.
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The CAH CFO-Administrator Forum, is organized by EqualizeRCM, a leading proponent for Community Health organizations. The CAH Forum seeks to provide Financial Administrators of rural health facilities an opportunity to participate in focused events, share insightful ideas, discuss challenges and solutions, but most importantly collaborate and communicate with like-minded professionals in the industry. Learn more by visiting or contacting

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