CAH CFO-Administrator Forum: Generating New Revenue Streams

On July 9th, 2021, EqualizeRCM sponsored a forum for CFOs and CEOs of Critical Access Hospitals, where Mark Buckley, VP of Clinical Operations, Mid South Rehabilitation, Ron Kubit, CEO, TeleNeph, LLC, and Robert Thorn, Director, Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting provided virtual education on “Generating New Revenue Streams for Critical Access Hospitals.” The main focus was on growing your top line to grow your bottom line, keeping your patients local with tele-nephrology, and optimizing rehabilitation revenue in CAHs.

Robert Thorn, MBA, FACHE, Director at Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting presented, “Growing Your Top Line to Grow Your Bottom Line: Balancing Growth, Skills, and Competencies.” Highlights of the presentation are the following:
  1. Assess where you have capacity in your system and identify leakage by analyzing outmigration patterns in your organization.
  2. Consider inpatient dialysis, sleep studies, expand your swing bed program, eICU, and other services.
  3. If your CAH is within an hour of a PPS hospital, see if the PPS hospital can transfer their patients to your swing bed program.
Mark Buckley, DPT, VP of Clinical Operations presented, “Optimizing Rehab Reimbursement in CAHs Using Cutting Edge Clinical/Operational Approaches.” Highlights of the presentation are the following:
  1. Enhanced CAH revenue comes from optimal patient experience, outcomes, appropriate use of Functional CPT codes, a blend of efficiency and adequate staffing, and proper Swing Bed utilization.
  2. Standardized and objective patient outcomes must be used to drive quality in your rehab program.
  3. Ask yourself if you need to add an outpatient gym or a Swing Bed gym. Look for additional partnerships with facilities including Assisted Living, Long-Term Care, and other outpatient off-site therapy locations.
Ron Kubit, CEO of TeleNeph, LLC presented, “The Rural Market for Acute Dialysis Services – Keep Your Patients Local with Tele-nephrology.” Highlights of the presentation are the following:
  1. 90% of chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients are not aware that they have the disease.
  2. Tele-nephrology allows CAHs to keep their patients in the community.
  3. Inpatient dialysis equipment has come a long ways and it is very easy to set up/administer today.

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The CAH CFO-Administrator Forum, is organized by EqualizeRCM, a leading proponent for Community Health organizations. The CAH Forum seeks to provide Financial Administrators of rural health facilities an opportunity to participate in focused events, share insightful ideas, discuss challenges and solutions, but most importantly collaborate and communicate with like-minded professionals in the industry. Learn more by visiting or contacting

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