Manage Costs and Boost Cash Collections for Critical Access Hospitals – vlog

EqualizeRCM offers best practices to boost cash collections and reduce overall costs for critical access hospitals (CAHs) in the face of COVID-19 – or at any time.

COVID-19 has upended community hospital operations and strategic imperatives for rural community hospitals, RHCs and other healthcare providers. In this webinar, CFO David Usher and DBO Katrina Makey lean on their combined 40 years of experience to provide concrete steps for Critical Access Hospitals, RHCs and business offices to take right now to boost cash, take advantage of deregulation in telehealth and swing beds, and more. In addition, they share their playbook – used in more than 20 CAHs to rapidly boost cash – regardless of the time. Every listener should take home at least one idea to implement in their hospital or business office, and you will gain a framework to consider changes in your revenue cycle to boost cash.


Our Expert Panelists

David Usher, CFO, Edwards County Hospital and Healthcare Center: David is a five time CFO at rural and critical access hospitals in his 25+ years in finance. He holds a B.A. in Business, Accounting, and Commercial Law from Clarendon College/Nottingham University in the U.K.

Katrina Makey, Director of Rural Hospitals, EqualizeRCM: Katrina has 20 years of experience in leading CAH business offices and accelerating cash collections for rural and critical access hospitals and clinics. She is an expert at quickly assessing gaps and deploying solutions.

Michael Hill, President, EqualizeRCM: Michael has 20+ years of experience developing and leading businesses at start-ups, Fortune 50 firms, and McKinsey & Company.

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