RCM Diagnostics
DME Performance Survey (BETA)

EqualizeRCM Services

EqualizeRCM is developing a simple and effective Diagnostic Survey specifically designed to help DME organizations measure and benchmark the effectiveness of their current RCM Processes and track progress overtime.

How Does It Work

The RCM Diagnostic Survey is a short 10 to 12 minute survey that is filled out by the key RCM professionals within your organization. The survey captures basic through-put data and rank score the most common challenges facing DMEs today.

What Are The Results

The RCM Diagnostic Survey provides a summary performance overview of the RCM process and provides a benchmark comparison of your organization’s scores against an aggregated average of peer organizations.

How Much Does It Cost

As a participant of the Beta Test Group, the survey, analysis, and performance review by an EqualizeRCM Services Consultant are Free as thanks for helping EqualizeRCM improve its analytical capabilities.

If you are interested in participating in the DEM Diagnostic Survey Beta Test, click the register button below and a research analyst will contact you.

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