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EqualizeRCM provides expert and highly trained revenue cycle management specialists for over 75 Hospitals, Clinics, and Healthcare Organizations and over 1,600+ physicians.

EqualizeRCM provides service support for every aspect of the RCM process from medical coding to denial management. We offer a flexible service model and can provide as few as 2 FTEs to over 100 FTEs. With ~1,000 experienced RCM professionals, EqualizeRCM is able to provided skilled professionals to help support any RCM team.
EqualizeRCM specializes in supporting healthcare organizations throughout the United States. Our team is organized into three verticals and committed to meeting the specific needs of each of our clients.
Our Approach is based upon selecting the ERCM professionals that fit within our clients' existing RCM processes and are skilled in using our clients' systems. We adjust to fit the needs of our clients not the other way around.
Finally, our relationships are built on trust. EqualizeRCM is dedicated to its clients and our team has the experience and the commitment needed to address your RCM needs.

System Agnostic

System Agnostic: We don’t use a template approach or require our clients to use our software. We adjust to the way you manage your RCM process and provide skilled staff who are competent in the software you use.

Extended Work Teams

Extended Work Teams: With over 900 RCM specialists on staff, we can quickly provide you the additional trained and experienced  resources when you need to extend your team.

Flexible Model

Flexible Model: Since we don’t use a template approach, we are able to adjust our services to fit your budgets and scale them up or down to align with your business needs.

How can EqualizeRCM's services help you?

Learn more about how our team of certified coders, billing experts, practice managers, and consultants can help fulfill your RCM needs.

Our Relationships Are Built On Trust.

EqualizeRCM is dedicated to its clients. With thousands of providers and facilities served, our team has the experience and the commitment needed to address your RCM needs.

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